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Giving back to the Society

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We Are

A registered not-for profit organization set up under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. We, Dalmia Bharat Foundation, popularly known as DBF, are committed to carry forward the seven-decade long legacy of Dalmia Bharat Group through conscientious corporate citizenship.

We do

Transforming households, including unemployed youth added into skilled workforce for enhanced income


High rate of unemployment especially amongst youth in India is a result of lack of knowledge, skills and limited access to job opportunities available. It is imperative to clear the disillusionment amongst youths so that they can contribute in the society

Equipping people from our program area either by providing them new set of skills or by upgrading their skills, both aiming at enhancement of their income.

Harvesting and conserving water for productive use. Ensuring access to clean cooking and solar lighting

Climate Action (Water & Energy)

With majority of agricultural land being degraded and water blocks at risk in the areas we work, there is an urgent need to enhance agricultural productivity, competitiveness, and rural growth in a sustainable manner.

Harnessing self-sufficiency through improved water harvesting solutions for the communities.

Faced with the energy crisis, both for cooking as well as lighting, the community in vicinity where we operate continue to burn fuelwood, in a manner, that is a high potential threat to the environment as well as to their own health.

Transforming lives by providing renewable energy solutions to the communities to help them reduce their environmental footprints with sustainable solutions

Addressing basic health, sanitation and infrastructure needs of the communities.


Poor basic infrastructure in the villages near our operational areas, hinders the daily life as well as development of the community.

Fulfilling the basic needs of the community like Health & Sanitation, Education, and Rural Infrastructure holistically in order to achieve integrated village development.