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Land and water support all life on earth. Our communities, wherever they may be settled, depend on both to carry out the activities of daily life, to look after their homes, to take care of cattle and livestock and to irrigate their fields. Healthy landscapes and water systems are essential if we are to secure livelihoods and wellbeing of future generations and our environment.

With 97% of the total water available on earth being in oceans and another 2% in glaciers, we are left with only about 1% of fresh water for usage. It is therefore, a challenge and necessity to conserve fresh water. True to the fact many of our program locations face this challenge having water table as low as 500 feet below the ground level mainly because of unchecked withdrawal for agricultural purposes. Therefore we work both on water harvesting and on water usage with the neighboring communities. We are expanding our partnerships with Institutions like NABARD to scale-up the program intensifying at locations and adding on new geographies. The program also aims at checking fast soil erosion in the program areas.


  • Water harvesting projects
  • Micro-irrigation projects