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Our nation is facing a strange situation presently. Whereas we are all proud of the fact that we would soon become the youngest nation in the world, which would mean having the largest workforce. We also face a huge challenge in the form of availability of skilled manpower. Whilst in China, our contemporary in development 96% of the workforce that enters the job market is skilled. It’s only about 5% in our country. No wonder therefore that the nation has set an ambitious target of training 500 million people by 2022 in varied skills and that cannot possibly be done by the Government alone.

Creating more livelihood opportunities through skill development is both a challenge and an opportunity. We continue to equip people from our program area either by providing them new set of skills or by upgrading their skills, both aiming at enhancement of their income. With a focus on the skills in the construction sector. We do cover other segments as well both in the farm and non-farm sectors.