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Tribal development fund (TDF) project

The NABARD Tribal Development Fund (TDF) project is a partnership project between DBF and NABARD. It was sanctioned in March 2017. It was sanctioned in March 2017. It is a project of 5 year duration and aims at holistic development of tribal communities. The project will be implemented in 15 villages covering 500 families. The primary activity under the project is development of “wadis”, permanent horticulture plantation with an aim to diversify income sources of farmers. Further by bringing land under permanent plantation, the project aims to reduce practice of Jhum cultivation, a local traditional agriculture practice of shifting cultivation leading to degradation of land. ACTIVITIES UNDER THE PROJECT The main activities undertaken as part of the project include: Horticulture – plantation of litchi, lemon, pineapple, guava and drumstick, aimed at enhancement in livelihoods. Further, turmeric has been promoted as an intercrop leading to further source of income for the farmers. Farmer training on sustainable agriculture practices Construction of contour bund structures to help conserve soil and assist in recharge of ground water Financial inclusion through promotion of SHGs and facilitating bank linkages. Undertaking other social development initiatives like providing fuel efficient cook stoves, construction of toilets, etc.

15 Villages

Enabling community participation through creation of Village Planning Committees (VPCs)

5 Year Project

3 Tribes (Dimasa, Karbi & Khelma)