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Climate Action


Water plays a significant role in increasing yield from the land. Non-availability of timely and adequate water for irrigation is a serious constraint in achieving higher productivity & profitability in farming. The farming community in our geographies especially in the Lalgudi taluk, district Trichy of Tamil Nadu and in Mylavaram Mandal, district Kadapa of Andhra Pradesh, Ramdurg Taluk, district Belgaum of Karnataka face similar water challenges.

Dalmia Bharat Foundation is addressing the water issue by implementing integrated watershed development projects in joint collaboration with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The projects at both the locations spread over a span of 5 years.

Area Treatment Measures as on 31 March 2020 UoM Qty
Plantation (Agro-horticulture, Dry land horticulture, Bund Plantation, Block Plantation & Avenue Plantation) No 47643
Dry bore well & well recharge No 26
Field Bund with Stone Revetment Rmt 11895
New Field Bunding cum 73778
Pebble Bunding Rmt 2100
Stone Check & Gully Plugging Rmt 1014
Trench Cum Bund Rmt 1609
Water Absorption Trench Rmt 563
Loose Boulder Structure RMT 153
Drainage Line treatment measures as on 31 March 2020 UoM Qty
Water Harvesting Structures (Check Dam / Percolation Tanks / Farm Ponds / Dug out pond / Rock Filled Dam / Sunken Pond) No 47
Vegetative Check in sq mts sq mt 3540
Stone Gully Plug (5 mts/6 mts/7 mts) No 3
Earthen Gully Plug -10 No 2
Gabion Structures nos 9
Particulars Loans Amount INR
283 livelihood loans provided to women members in watershed community especially to the landless 283 94,27,000