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CSR Success Stories

Jyoti Gape (Rourkela, Odisha)

Jyoti Gope : a torch bearer for her community

I am Jyoti Gape, native of Tarkera Village, Rourkela in Odisha. My father is a painter by profession and his consistent hard work ensured that the basic needs of our family of 5 are met. Despite the financial constraints, my parents encouraged me to continue my studies. I went on to complete to my schooling and passed the higher secondary grade.

Having witnessed the struggles of my father since my childhood, I knew that I would have to come forward and support my family financially.

While going through that mental agony and looking for an appropriate opportunity, I met a few Alumni of DIKSHa, Rourkela Centre, which has been run there by Dalmia Bharat Foundation. I was very excited to learn about some of the old trainees who were able to pick up good jobs and became financially independent. I decided to meet the Counselor at the Centre. I picked up a training course for General Duty Assistants in hospitals after my interaction with the Counselor.

On successful completion of my course, I was shortlisted by Janakalyani Foundation to be a part of their Bhubaneswar operations with a yearly pay package of Rs. 1.32 lakhs. I have now been working there for the past 5 months.

I am very happy that I am able to shoulder the responsibilities of my father and also support my siblings to pursue their education.

I thank Dalmia Bharat Foundation and as a way of expressing my gratitude, I am ensuring that my friends and acquaintances get to know of DIKSHa so that they could also pick up a suitable course and become employable.