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CSR Success Stories

Mariam Kujur (Sundargarh, Odisha)

A real hero for her brother: Mariam Kujur

Mariyam Kujur, a tribal from Birjapalli, Rourkela lost both her parents at an early age. Faced with the responsibility of raising her younger brother, she started working as a domestic help in the nearby colony with a monthly income of around Rs. 7,000. This helped their basic survival and she could support her brother’s schooling. At the age of 24, Mariyam got married but her marriage, unfortunately, broke down in a few days due to recurrent family conflicts over dowry. She was completely shattered and desperate to start up her life again.

As she was undergoing this trauma, one of her relatives told her about Dalmia Bharat Foundation’s DIKSHa in Rourkela. She visited the centre and underwent counselling on various courses and finally enrolled herself as a trainee in General Duty Assistant course. Post the completion of training in 3 months, she got a job with a home health-assistants provider company, New Dibyadhama at Rourkela at a starting salary of Rs. 9,000 per month. She started working as a home nurse. With her hard work, she has moved up the career ladder and is currently earning Rs. 13,000 per month. She has become a role model for others in her community. Her brother, who is able to pursue his studies only because of the sheer hard work of his sister, is proud of her!