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Clean Cooking

Persuading people to change lifelong consumption habits and switch to alternative processes and technologies is a humongous challenge. Under our clean cooking initiative, we aim to do precisely that.

Under our clean cooking initiative, DBF promotes solar energy, off-grid products to households and LPG connections under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna. Provisioning of fuel-efficient cook stoves and household bio-gas plants are the outputs of this project. In transforming this basic daily necessity of cooking lies the potential for great change.

As part of the project, product demonstrations were carried out in the villages and beneficiaries are explained about the various benefits of using fuel efficient cook stoves and bio-gas plants.

A total number of 283 gas connections & 2 bio gas plants facilitated and 40 fuel efficient cook stoves promoted during 2020-21 which has benefited 1,630 people and helped in avoiding 1698.68 CO2 reductions.

Villages converted to clean cooking villages: 145

Total amount of CO2 emissions avoided as a result of our interventions: 67,972

Total beneficiaries benefited: 90,000

Enabling communities to have access to clean cooking energy sources